Márta Börönte 
Photo: Tibor Mészáros

My mission is: Dialogue

Writer and editor György Zelina interviews Ms. Márta Börönte, chair of the Board of Trustees at Csillaggyertyafény Foundation



– Such goodness radiates from you! May a human being have a radiation?

– I believe, yes. The mouth speaks on the fraternal love of the heart, and you can see it very well on the people’s face and in his or her environment. I like to surprise myself with flowers, to celebrate a nice day. My favourite flower is the lily of the valley, but I believe that the Elders from Heaven have found the heart-flower in their happiness as well. Ms. Martha Lukáts has written in her book “Flowers Prayer”: “My petal has revived from your love, and my desire to be a tiny spark of the warm of your great heart. It is my utmost pleasure to give and distribute love. This is also your gift. Thank you.” Here I would also recall the desire of Mr. Eduard Monet admiring the beauty of the nature, expressed the painter himself in the following way: “I would like to paint all the flowers!” I would like also to hand over all love in my heart to Dear Reader in the form of a single rose. I believe, we can take together from the infinite Source of Love of the Universe in the dialogues of this interview, in further contemplation, in personal appointments.

– To draw love in the dialogue of the interview. You mentioned just before. What does the dialogue mean for you?

– About the meaning of the word ‘communication’, the Latin language lessons have come to my mind in the Calvinist College High School. Let us look first the origin of the word ‘communication’ together, to clarify its notion. A tiny lesson in Latin language … The Latin phrase means a message or information transfer, or distribution of them (communicatio, onis (f)). This means a one-way information flow. For the two-way conversation the word dialogue (dialog-i (m) is used. The conscious life for me contains also the knowledge of the information source as well. I ask my “open-hearted” Readers, please, do not believe me, what I’m saying, rather enjoy your own experience by opening up a Latin dictionary. After the experience, step into the circle of the love, and use the term ‘dialogue’ for the two-way conversation. One verse of Sant Darshan Singh is living in my mind here: “The mankind has already conquered the Moon and the Stars, but oh, we couldn’t come closer to our neighbour’s heart”. The man has already walked on the surface of the Moon, but could we come closer to the very heart of our fellow-brother? How many miles have been covered in the space? How many inches should be done to reach the heart of one another man? 98 per cent of the human relationships break up if there is no heart to heart dialogue. How many human relationships have already gone, there have not come true interpenetration of love, dialogue, because of the lack of empathy. Let’s put aside the book for a while, and let’s sum them up. … in the family, at work… Now, from today you can start all over again! The Star Candle Foundation can help you.

– How has come the Star Candle Light Foundation into existence, and what does its name mean?

Publications of the foundation

– The foundation has come into existence in the Advent time of 2007, and was born in the heart of Mr. Attila Pongor-Juhász a business motivation speaker and trainer, together with his own financial sacrifice. Attila is the CEO and one of the owners of the “Pongor Publishing Company Ltd”. At Christmas time of this year I received the book of Albert Wass, containing the poem “Christmas tale” in co-operation with the Elders of Heaven. Here you can read: “At the light of Candlelightstars…” The name of the foundation comes from here. Is this a coincidence by chance? The Chance is the name of God for those people, who do not believe him – Ms. Annamaria Both would tell us from my friends, if she was here with us. Love from above and from the heart to heart love emanating from the fellow-brothers is encountered by the name of the foundation indicating where miracles can happen. Let’s draw it by our hand! From top to bottom, from left to right..! So the cross has been born. This is the meaning of the foundation’s name for me, and it is a joy to me that the foundation’s name contains the Light, too. The Light is a wonderful symbol. Let me explain it by the following story: The “Cave” deep in the earth knew only darkness. Once he came out in the beautiful sunshine and really enjoyed it, and then invited the Sun to him into the cave. The Sun has not seen darkness yet, so became curious and accepted the invitation. One day the Sun set off and met the Cave in the depth of ground, but the Sun couldn’t see any darkness. Where the Light is there, there is no darkness. We should be thankful, if we reach this state. I’m learning and practicing this Thanksgiving, together with my spiritual friends, Ms. Mónika Pozsonyi, Mr. László Simon, Ms. Erika Tir, Ms. Ottília Takacs, in the art of Step-by-step progress.

– “Dialogue from heart to heart” – I can see this slogan on one of the foundation’s invitation. Where does this name come from? 

– The name “Dialogue from heart to heart” was given to the programme after a verse of Sant Darshan Singh stating “from heart to heart and from soul to soul, this is the real interpenetration. To pass each other, come and go is not the real appointment.” The appointment can be also a sacrament. I could experience this when I found my heart’s preferred Bible text in the Rákosszentmihály Lutheran Church, 25 years ago. The Bible has been opened to Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you desires of your heart! Commit your way to the Lord, trust in him, and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn”. The healing silence is a real daily blessing for us. What does the mother say to her disobedient, beloved child? “Sit down and be quiet!” Watch and think about this message in your heart!

– I feel you are in harmony with yourself. Do you need self-examination to reach this?

– By the grace of God I could participate – as a private citizen – in the Humanity Unity Conference in Delhi, for the first time in 2004. The occasion of this meeting is a great event for humanity, as representatives of the different religions of our Planet come together in fraternity. This is a dialogue on love-level. In addition to my daily self-examination at home, this conference is a special meeting with the man himself. Carlo Carette’s quote reminds me of the intimate weeks: “You have to learn to love, because there is nothing but love over there.” You can live together in love, in spite of many differences among us. I could have attended the conference several times later on, which is called to life each year by Sant Rajinder Singh, the President of the Union of World Religions. Once he pointed out that all communication-dialogue is good, which takes place in love. His stories are very kind to me. One story starts you to come to self-knowledge, address you to investigate your internal path, working in your heart for years. Let me recall one humorous story of the conferences: Einstein was travelling on the train, and the ticket inspector wanted to look at his ticket, but the scientist could not find it. The inspector accepted this situation with love, and went on the train. Einstein continued to look for the ticket, and the inspector returning to him remarked “I know you, everything is all right.” The scientist replied, “I’m looking for my ticket, because I do not know where to get off.” Such a story may be a good mirror for self-examination.

– Which seat am I having, if I buy one at the foundation’s ticket office?

– I welcome you, Dear Reader, in my 30-hour self-awareness training “The heart to heart dialogue within the programme “Dances of my life with the Source of Love, with myself, with others”. Mr. Endre Gyökössy the Calvinist pastor, an illustrious representative of the pastoral psychology, speaks about the three-way dialogue. I jealously keep in my heart the memory of the personal talks with him and his dedicated books for me, as well. If you get off here, dear Reader, you can find one of your big adventures on self-discovery finding internal resources. I’ll have you to learn giraffe language (non-violent communication, NVC). The church of our congregation was the first in the autumn of 2005, among the traditional Christian churches in Hungary, where you have got the opportunity to learn giraffe language and still these days you can do it. Personally, I could learned it from Ms. Eva Hava Jónai, an accredited trainee from the international centre, who was coming to our religious congregation regularly to teach citizens of our district as well. I was pleased for getting the co-trainer certificate from her, with the number 18. The number one and its infinite numbers mean the connection of the individual and the infinite love. In my trainings people can get a compass for 12 stuck life situations, we learn the languages of empathy enriching each other’s lives ​​as the mother tongue of the universe. We walk together through the four stages of anger, searching resolves. We get to know the communication – the five steps of dialogue, clearly expressing that we use sympathy instead of empathy, which would bring us only half-way solutions. To say “no” without remorse is quite difficult, but can be exercised. We process together partnership games. The biggest problem of life turns up, at the death of our relatives, the science of letting our fellow-man go. We can see experiences in short films (10-15 minutes). We perform dance-movement therapy exercises in “Open Heart” situation. I have built my twenty-five years of spiritual-care experience into my training programme together with my theological and mental healthcare studies.

– Dear Martha! How the “dances of life” name was included into your training programme?

– I like to dance. I had been studying with Mr. Guller teacher for many years. Still I go to dancing lessons happily. The dance, the music means to me the drawing, reviving, dissolving in the spiritual life. Let remain my private matter where I go to dance…

– The publications of the Foundation contain your book “Star Candle Light”. Ms. Ildikó Döbrentey a fabulist and her life counterpart, Mr. Peter Levente, a self-learning social being have written reviews to your book. I wish you would show it.

Csillaggyertyafény presents a new publication – at KoronaKert Restaurant. From left to right: Péter Levente, Ildikó Döbrentei, Péter Kendeh K.,  Márta Börönte, Péter Gáncs, Péter Kovács. Photo: Judit Vitális

– I would like to quote from the book recommendation of Ildikó and Péter: Ms. Márta Börönte is the Lutheran pastor who preaches with a five-inch doll in her hands. Who knocks on the pulpit and the congregation is in the know and knocks back. They are playing an uplifting, profound game: they knock on the door to God. Martha puts our fingers on our pulse and asks: Can you feel? It beats! God is so close to you. As God lives in you!

Twenty years of sermons, meditations, press and media have been selected by the author a volume of interest to stir up the deeply sunk love in our heart. Looking into our eyes, reward us. You are important to God! To call you up: Be happy! The serenity of the soul is smile! To comfort you: the tear is the twin of smile. To shake you up: Struggle for the others, and you will love them! To encourage: It is more worth to light a candle, than to complain that it is dark! There is the power in the sensitive mental world of Ms. Márta Börönte to take us out of depth. (Ms. Ildikó Döbrentey)

Ms. Márta Börönte has been collecting experiences with sound mind, open heart and seemingly limitless memory. As a magnet-magician she attracts the happenings and from this collection to all thought-information she can suit immediately an assisted understanding, an increased attention association, as an illustration. In all her work can be found as a basic, for illustration it is sweet or salty, full with spice, quoted thought, inspiring at event, personally experienced, even uplifting or devastating experiences and opinion. Therefore, I could not put it down by first read this – in different media trained – love collection. My father, the “Puritan-Protestant Presbyter elder uncle Pista” if he could look into Ms. Márta Börönte’s love-box full with iron filings and real pearls, he is whispering to her from eternity – Divide them, my daughter, don’t let them to rust! (Mr. Péter Levente)

– Ms. Evelin Antalfia rolled one with the dice on the table! Magical! Please, talk about this magic!

– For one occasion of the “heart to heart dialogue” programme has been borne the “heart to heart – dice.” in my heart. What can be more important than to love and get love? – asks Gary Chapman. The psychologist writes in his books that people speak different “love languages​​ “. There are five main ways of expressing love. 1. Quality time. 2. Physical touch 3. Acts of service. 4. Words of affirmation. 5. Gifts. To the sixth side of the dice has been posted the recognition of John of the Cross and Eileen Caddy on the silence and love. 6. Our first love language is silence. Is it random? I had read their articles before the birth of the dice. The name was given by Ms. Elizabeth Katona, special education teacher-trainer. The rollers of the “heart to heart – dice” can get miracles, if they roll it day by day, and live its messages, similar to the “Mr. Magorium’s tale shop” in the film.

– What would happen if women manage the world?

1st National Conference. Márta Börönte, Edit Simon. Photo: Tibor Mészáros

– There is a great need of the world for the love based on female-maternal empathy, keeping the harmony of male-female roles, and energy. The Foundation’s publications include “The beauty prepares us to love” on DVD, not just for women. The film took its name after Mr. Immanuel Kant’s quote. What does it mean to be a woman in the third millennium? – The film is about. I have made it with pleasure. Jo Croissant’s experience can be heard in the film: the family can be healed through the woman because she is the protector and guardian of the family hearth … The woman is the heart of the family, protects its health … flooding the oil of love and tenderness to every family relationship.

– I can see the invitations to the National Professional Conference in front of me. These are much-needed opportunities. I don’t want to finish this dialogue, not having talked about it.

– This year will be already the third occasion, the conference has been organized in every two years, with a wonderful staff of helping people. This year, the motto of the conference is the following: Magical rolling! The dice is rolling from my heart to your heart … – Embracing words, bestowing attention, ether of healing silence. During the conferences I introduce children of my family (Benedict, the son of my sister Cornelia who is my godson (3. picture), a child from my church congregation (Simon Edith 2. picture). They have already spoken and practiced the so called giraffe language from their very young age together with their parents. I am thanking for the Elders of Heaven, that besides the jackal language we can learn the giraffe language from the languages of empathy. The jackal is nothing more than a speech impediment giraffe. Speech impediments, however, can be improved in love with practice. In my favourite movie made from the book of the writer Elizabeth Gilbert: “Eat, Pray, Love” the message can be heard. The imbalanced moments belong necessarily to the balance of the human being’s state. It is a liberating feeling for us that we can live accepting ourselves, and other’s opinions, despite of our mistakes, we have been learning continuously from our Creator. Every day is a new beginning. To do so, I am asking for blessing from the book “Blessings” of Dr. Györgyi Varga Lutheran pastor and associated university professor to continue praying with Ms. Eva Balogh, Ms. Petra and Kornélia Körmendy, Lutheran pastors and me, we are four in The Circle.

2n National Conference – Benedek Fischer. Photo: Béla Fischer

Today is the day

  • of great opportunities – because God claimed your feet stay on spacious square,
  • of where dreams are realized – because you can jump over the walls with him,
  • of where climbing is safe – because he grasps your hand firmly,
  • of true appointments – because your God is coming to you with love,
  • of the joy of work – because he makes your hands’ work well dispersed for eternity,
  • of the peace staying at home – because you can enjoy God’s goodness in the land of the living,
  • this day, today is a day full of God’s blessing. It has been given to you, to become blessing for the mankind!

– Dear Márta! I’m incredibly happy to meet you, thank you for this interview!

Star Candle Light Foundation, 1161 Budapest, Hősök tere 10-11. Phone: +36 1 4054877 www.csillaggyertyafeny.hu

Márta Börönte is chairing the Board of Trustees of the Star Candle Light Foundation, pastor of the Budapest – Rákosszentmihály – Sashalom Lutheran Church Community, expert of mental hygienic activities, co-trainer of non-aggressive communication, and the author of the book: “Star Candle Light – Heart Opening Stories”.